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We are the strategic partner you need to elevate your product and services. Our expertise lies in unlocking the potential of your product, transforming it into your primary driver of user acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Lifecycle Marketing

Designed to engage at the right moment

Business Model Optimization

Custom solutions to streamline your model

Analytics and Data Insights

From KPI setting to tracking with clarity and direction

Customer Journey

Intuitive and detailed customer journey maps

Scale PLG

Why Choose us?

At ProdcutLedLogic, we provide an holistic approach to product-led-growth, offering an array of services that are designed to propel your business towards success.

Top funnel

This macro area focuses on drawing new customers to your business.

Marketing and SEO 
– Amplify your brand’s digital footprint with our SEO services, comprehensive tech audits, content strategy plans, and website conversion rate optimization.

Product Marketing
– Sharpen your market edge with strategic pricing, competitor analysis, and precision-targeted messaging.

Mid funnel

This area emphasizes turning potential customers into active users.

Onboarding Experience
  – Utilize our customer journey mapping and onboarding optimization services to ensure a smooth, value-adding first experience for your customers.

Lifecycle Marketing
– Nurture users at every stage of their journey by providing them with the right information at the right moment. This approach will optimize adoption and capitalize on expansion opportunities.


Bottom funnel

This macro area is all about maintaining customer interest and minimizing churn.

Retention + Engagement
– Enhance your customer lifetime value and reduce churn with our expert segmentation models and engagement strategies.

Customer Journey Mapping and Analysis
– Gain insights into your customers’ experiences. We map and analyze the customer journey, using these insights to enhance interactions and improve overall customer satisfaction. 

Full funnel

This area focuses on the utilization of data to guide decision-making, optimize performance, and foster business growth.

KPI Setting and Tracking
– Establish clear, actionable KPIs that align with your business goals. Our expert analytics team tracks these indicators, providing real-time insights to keep you informed and proactive.

Product Analytics & Website Analytics
– Understand your product’s performance on a granular level. We analyze product usage data to identify trends, uncover opportunities, and inform strategic decisions.

Full funnel

This macro area is dedicated to strategically accelerating your business growth and scaling your operations effectively.

Growth Models
– We provide guidance on adopting suitable growth models, such as viral, sticky, or paid growth models, based on your business’s unique context and goals.

Transition to Product-Led Growth
– Navigate the shift from a sales-led to a product-led growth model with our expert guidance. We provide step-by-step assistance to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

Scalable Business Processes
– Optimize your business processes for scalability. We help you build flexible and efficient processes that can grow with your business and support accelerated expansion.

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I have worked with several consultants and agencies over the past decade, and it is rare to come across one that possesses the same level of skill and meticulous attention to detail as this agency. They were exceptional in every way, delivering flawless results that even went beyond my expectations. I have no doubt that I will be hiring them again in the future.

Alex Ragni
Founder of LeadsBridge

Working with this agency has been an absolute game-changer for our company's product-led growth strategy. Their expertise and dedication to excellence have saved us invaluable time and resources. Unlike other agencies, they hit the ground running from day one, eliminating the need for time-consuming training and onboarding. This allowed us to accelerate our progress and achieve our goals much faster than anticipated.

Flavia Annese
Founder of Salute in Cloud

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